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Lost Art Studios

Hey, I am Trevor Jackson, a New Jersey photograph and small business owner. Committed to delivering the best results to our clients, I am being attentive to your needs and requirements.

Lost Art Studios is a photography company focused on providing the ultimate experience for any individual or group of individuals interested in capturing the moment. We all experience different time periods in our lives where we create our own form of art.

Lost Art Studios has a vision and mission to ensure every piece of art created is never lost. At any time, people should be able to come back to their special moment, relive it, see the proof as a reminder of the art created, and reflect back on why it was created, to begin with. Lost Art is here to provide that opportunity to all our customers. 


Operating Area

We currently operate in New Jersey but also serve all 50 states. Businesses outside of a 20-mile radius from East Orange may require travel expenses.